Music… it’s what really matters

Falso Contacto is the result of a passionate life for music

Let the music do the talkin’

Falso Contacto has a particular “know how” for composing, arranging and producing music.

Gilberto Novelo Rodriguez

With a more than 30 years of musical composition trajectory, he is leader of the work done at the studio, always keeping the simple and clear way of working that defines our slogan:


This is all abour music, the most important thing in our lives

At FALSO CONTACTO our compromise is to make every project a success. Empathy, communication, professionalism and the joy for this kind of work optimises our process, quality and time of delivery. And we have the skills for resolving extremely short unexpected deadlines.

In FALSO CONTACTO we are committed to understand what our clients wish to express. Doing this, we create solid bonds with our clients to form an alliance. Always with the priceless collaboration of musicians, producers, audio designers and a never ending list of people passionate about music.

Altogether with FABRICA ESCENA that helps to operate the studio.
FABRICA ESCENA is a platform for artistic production with the purpose of promoting, creating, exhibiting and developing the creative multiplicity of arts. Pedagogic research and professionalism will always be our labor, it is important to us to wage, contribute and be part of our ever changing capital culture.

FABRICA ESCENA and FALSO CONTACTO’s governance is led by Alejandro Yañez Sandoval, an entrepreneur with vast experience in financial markets and international banking and with a profound admiration and passion for the creative world.

“FALSO CONTACTO is a place of reunion and coincidence”

Do you have any project in mind that you would like us to collaborate with?